Once again thank you for sticking with it over the years, but I was true to my word and once in a position was always going to use you as you were the only one that actually seemed genuine in the initial round of contact. … Read More >Neil

Adam Shaw

Phil at Selective Mortgages initially gave us great advise and hope after being recommended by a friend. Due to my circumstances I didn’t think we would ever get a mortgage. We found what we thought was our dream home. The developers strongly advised we used their own mortgage advisers and solicitors. It was also free of charge which made is even more attractive. What an experience it was. Easy to say we went through hell. After two months wasted with the recommended advisers to be told we couldn’t get a mortgage, our lives imploded. With the fear of being homeless I reached out to Phil and explained what happened. Within 48 hours we had progressed further with Selective Mortgages than two months of hard work wasted with the recommended companies. … Read More >Adam Shaw