Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

We specialise in assisting people who have had adverse credit registered and do not currently qualify for a mortgage with high street lenders. We use our 20 years’ experience operating in the adverse credit mortgage market to identify the lowest rate mortgage for you and we have access to all of the lenders in this sector of the mortgage market.

As all client circumstances are different we assess each new enquiry individually to ensure we recommend the most suitable mortgage product that is available to you.

Please either complete our Mortgage Enquiry Form or call us today to discuss your mortgage requirements.

Three Reasons To Choose Selective Mortgages For An Adverse Credit Mortgage Application

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Experience & Knowledge

We have been arranging mortgages for people with an adverse credit history for over 20 years, and have a very detailed level of knowledge around the underwriting requirements that the mortgage lenders apply to their mortgage products.

There are only a small number of mortgage brokers in the UK who now specialise within the adverse credit mortgage sector, where the level of information and documents which are required are more stringent and complex than those applied by the high street banks.

Our considerable experience of dealing with the specialist lenders’ underwriters every day means we can select the most competitive lender for you based on your circumstances and requirements, and simplify the application process, by guiding you every step of the way until the day your new mortgage completes.

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Whole of Market Access

At Selective Mortgages we are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, which means we are not tied to a small panel of mortgage lenders, we are free to submit applications to all lenders operating in the specialist mortgage market.

This means if there is a mortgage product available to you, we will have access to it for you.

Some mortgage brokers are regulated via a mortgage network, and most networks have a limited panel of lenders with who they are registered to submit business to, meaning they may not have access to a lender who is offering a lower mortgage rate, or who will accept the level of adverse credit which has been registered by a client, we have completed mortgages for many clients who had been told via other mortgage brokers they were unable to secure a mortgage approval for them.

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Customer Service

To complement our experience and knowledge within the adverse credit mortgage sector, we offer a very high level of service to all clients, many of whom are now repeat clients.

We provide regular updates as to the progress of all mortgage applications on the same day as we are made aware of any new requirements by the lender, and we also liaise with other parties in the process such as solicitors and estate agents, to ensure the mortgage application journey runs as smoothly as possible. Requests for information by clients by email are addressed as soon as they are received wherever possible.