New Adverse Credit Lender Options

Until quite recently, the number of lenders who were active in the adverse credit mortgage sector had not changed for a number of years and the level of adverse credit which was allowed by these lenders had remained the same over this period.

Over the last few year years a number of specialist adverse credit mortgage lenders have launched and the products they offer allow for an increased level of adverse credit to have been registered depending on the level of deposit which is available.

In addition we have access to several regional building societies who will consider applications where adverse credit which has been fully settled for over year, the lender will assess applications on an individual basis.

We recently secured a mortgage approval for a client who had a £15K CCJ registered but which was settled for over a year and had since, also had late payment profile on a credit card registered, but back up to date for one year, this client was offered an interest rate of 3.80%.

One of the lenders we have access to will now consider an application with past adverse credit with a 5% deposit.

With all of the above positive developments, there has never been a better time to try and progress a mortgage approval where adverse credit has been registered.

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