How to get a mortgage with bad credit

How to get a mortgage with bad credit

Adverse Credit Mortgage Broker

You have taken the first step by getting in touch with a specialist mortgage broker who are experienced in placing mortgage for people with an adverse or poor credit history to for people with an adverse or bad credit history.

 Selective Mortgages have over 20 years experience of helping people to get mortgages where they have a past adverse credit history.

 Whether you are eligible for a mortgage will depend on a number of different factors such as your credit history and your income, and you will normally also be required to provide a minimum 15% deposit to apply for a mortgage.

 If you have access to a copy of your credit file, you can forward it to us for assessment, if you do not have a copy we can let you know how to request a copy to send on to us.

 As part of our assessment of your application, we are required to carry out a fact find where we record all of the relevant information required to establish if we can assist you with an adverse or bad credit mortgage application.

Please feel free to take the next step and contact us by phone or completing our Online Mortgage Enquiry form on the main section of the website and we will be pleased to try and assist you in your search for a mortgage.