Our Service Commitment

Our Service Commitment

Since the introduction of The Mortgage Market Review in 2014, lending criteria surrounding overall affordability has been tightened up considerably. Lenders now closely inspect bank account conduct to analyse your spending habits and even having a history of taking out pay day loans can result in an application being declined.

We assess all applications thoroughly, prior to submission to the lender to avoid the disappointment that can arise later in the process if the pre-qualification stage is not carried out correctly. We have close links with the lenders’ underwriters who we can speak with to clarify any potential problem areas and only when we are fully satisfied that you meet with the lending criteria, do we submit your application to the lender.

Throughout your contact with us:

We promise to act in your best interests at all times

You will receive regular updates on the progress of your application

We aim to respond to enquiries from you the same day that they are received but always within 24 hours

We will only provide you with information that is honest and not misleading